17 American Things Europeans Can’t Get Enough Of

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By Jonathan Trent

There is no doubt that the habits and trends in America have translated to Europe who have been inspired by the American way of life. In fact, many Europeans love things that Americans have popularized first in their culture; here are 17 American things Europeans never get sick of!

Hollywood Movies

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America is the land of blockbuster movies and Hollywood stars, and Europe has followed suit with most of our hit movies dominating European cinemas. In Europe, there is a huge admiration of high budget productions and exciting storylines first popularized by Americans, although they have their own movie industries too.

Fast Food Chains

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Americans love their fast food, with CBS noting there are 217.6 fast food restaurants per 100,000 residents in the Charleston-North Charleston metro area alone! Similarly, many of our favorite chains are incredibly popular across Europe, although they don’t have them in the same abundance as we Americans.

American TV Shows

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Europeans don’t just like TV shows made in Europe; they are also big fans of American TV series such as “Friends” and “Game of Thrones,” which have massive European followings. The bridge between American and European entertainment has long since existed, but it’s becoming more common thanks to streaming platforms.

New York City

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With many Europeans becoming more interested in traveling, they are becoming particularly obsessed with iconic New York City landmarks such as Times Square and Central Park. The city’s cultural diversity, friendly people, and bustling energy captivate European visitors. Can you blame them?!


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Thanksgiving originates in America, although Forbes notes that it’s increasingly embraced in the U.K. They’re welcoming the festivities as a gentle tradition to see family or friends as a form of autumnal appreciation, and it’s starting to spread to the rest of Europe, all thanks to its portrayal in American entertainment.

Craft Beer

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European beer enthusiasts appreciate the innovation and bold flavors of American craft beers. There has been more marketing geared towards breweries like Sierra Nevada and Stone Brewing in recent years, so they’re gaining fast recognition in Europe. The craft beer movement also matches up with European trends towards artisanal products.

Hip Hop Music

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In Europe, there is a newfound appreciation for American hip hop artists, and best of all, with so many European hip hop fans, many American hip hop artists are performing in European cities. Hip hop isn’t just popular in the European language though; just about every European country has its own hip hop scene!

American Fashion Brands

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American brands like Nike, Levi’s, and Tommy Hilfiger have a strong presence in European markets despite Europe being known for its fashion. European consumers link American fashion with quality and style, so they often transform their style by wearing items created by these brands.

Las Vegas

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Las Vegas, or ‘Sin City,’ is known as the entertainment capital of the world and fascinates European tourists with its extravagant shows and lavish casinos. Europeans will plan trips to Las Vegas to experience the nightlife and catch a few shows; it’s a bucket list dream for many!

American Sports

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The Guardian reveals that American fans love European football precisely because it isn’t like US sport; it’s just something different! Similarly, the NFL, NBA, and MLB have dedicated fan bases in Europe, and they’re growing more popular every day. Don’t be surprised if you see your favorite sports team supported in Paris or London!

Tech Innovation

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European consumers have taken a leaf out of America’s book in terms of technology, embracing American tech products continent-wide. American tech giants are generally considered to be ahead of the curve in terms of digital features and technological advancements, but who knows, Europe will dominate the market in the future!

American Literature

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Works by American authors like Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and King are avidly read in Europe, partially because they give European readers a glimpse at American life and culture. Our books can be bought in many European bookstores, with literary festivals welcoming American authors to speak about their writing. We’re really proud of that!

National Parks

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European travelers may have glorious nature on their doorstep, but it’s far different from the natural splendor of American national parks such as Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. These landscapes encourage European nature-lovers to broaden their horizons, venturing on a trip to the U.S. to appreciate our unique environment.

College Culture

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American television shows have given Europeans a glimpse into college life in America; they’ve become intrigued by colleges in America and the idea of sororities, cheerleading, and frat parties. As a result, study abroad programs in the US are highly popular among European university students who want to have the American college experience.


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As the BBC highlights, Disney may have started in the US, but its international theme parks have long since made it to Europe. In particular, Disneyland Paris attracts visitors from all over Europe, mainly because of how well Disneyland in Florida has been received. It’s a lot more affordable, too.

Cultural Craze

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American pop culture offers a sense of escapism and excitement, providing a break from the routine of daily life, and Europeans love it. The widespread use of social media and the internet has made this far more accessible, so it’s becoming increasingly common to see Europeans familiar with American slang and cultural phenomenons.

Celebrity Culture

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Finally, you might be surprised to learn that European tabloids cover American celebrities extensively. Once again, this has been caused by social media, which facilitates easy access to American celebrity culture. European fans even copy the fashion and lifestyle of their favorite American celebrities to fit in with us Americans, and we welcome their efforts!