16 American Attractions That Not Even Americans Want to Visit

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By Jonathan Trent

The U.S. has many exciting attractions that most tourists have on their bucket lists. Yet we’re often guilty of romanticizing a lot of hotspots, including these 16 American attractions that may seem like a big deal, but actually not even Americans want to visit!

The Winchester House, California

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Once the personal estate of widow Sarah Winchester, the Winchester House is now a sprawling mansion filled with far too many staircases. Although the allure of the mysterious house is obvious, it’s more quirky than anything too substantial. Most Americans can find many better spots than this if they’re looking for a ghost or two.

Roswell, New Mexico

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Roswell is the prime spot for UFO enthusiasts and alien conspiracy theorists. Though it might seem like one of the most important attractions to visit, it’s actually nothing much more than the UFO museum. That doesn’t seem to put many people off, however, as – according to US News – it’s reached a 5 million visitor milestone.

London Bridge, Arizona

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The only real draw for tourists wanting to visit Arizona’s London Bridge is if they’re originally from the U.K. and want to see an alternative. But the reality is if you want to see the London Bridge, go to London instead of Arizona – and most Americans would agree with you!

The World’s Largest Ball of Twine, Kansas

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Unless you’re a cat or someone particularly fond of knitting, there isn’t any reward for visiting the World’s Largest Ball of Twine. You can search online for an image of it and it’ll have the same effect as taking a detour there. This attraction is one of those “only visit once” type deals.

Four Corners Monument, Southwest USA

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The Four Corners Monument marks the spot where you can stand in four states all at once: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado. But unless you’re a huge fan of standing in one spot, your tourist time is better spent visiting one of these four states more extensively.

The Corn Palace, South Dakota

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Also known as the World’s Only Corn Palace, this attraction gets its name from the unique design features that make it look like it’s made out of, well, corn. Most Americans would agree it’s nothing to get excited about. Even if you like corn.

Carhenge, Nebraska

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Carhenge is a tribute to the Stonehenge monument, found in England. The aptly named Carhenge replicates the original structure using cars. The reason this attraction lacks appeal for Americans is that you’d have to have a pretty big interest in the original Stonehenge – so why not go to see the original instead?

Wall Drug, South Dakota

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One of the biggest selling points of the Wall Drug stop is its free ice water – so that should be enough to tell you why it can be avoided. According to Lonely Planet, it does also have popular coffee and donuts, but there are many other places you could grab those in the U.S.

South of the Border, South Carolina

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Rest stops are important for any American or tourist making a road journey, yet that doesn’t mean all of them can be considered worthwhile attractions. Yet that’s exactly what South of the Border is: a glorified rest stop, complete with souvenirs to take away with you. The giant sombrero is pretty cool, though.

The Fountain of Youth, Florida

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It’s understandable why you might want to flock to the Fountain of Youth, but sadly, the waters of this fountain won’t do as advertised. So with this in mind, aside from its magical legend and quirky setup, it might not be worth the visit if you can go to any other water feature.

Dollywood’s Splash Country, Tennessee

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If you’re a fan of Dolly Parton and waterparks, Splash Country might seem like your dream come true. Yet many Americans would agree that there are a great number of considerably better water parks across the country. So maybe visit those and get Dolly concert tickets separately.

The Mystery Spot, Michigan

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We all love a good mystery. Yet when you’re paying good money to plan a trip, it helps to know a little bit more about it to see whether it’s worth your time. A lot of Americans would say it’s definitely not when it comes to the bizarre, gravity-defying Mystery Spot.

The Cabazon Dinosaurs, California

Atlas Obscura explains that the Cabazon Dinosaur attraction was originally built by an artist and sculptor who wanted to attract more customers to the Wheel Inn Café. It then grew into this bizarre reptilian setup in the desert. While dinosaurs will never not be cool, your time might be better spent watching Jurassic Park.

Lucy the Elephant, New Jersey

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While Lucy the Elephant is a marvel of strange architecture, this six-story gray elephant is definitely a one-time-visit attraction rather than anything particularly memorable you’ll want to return to. With the wealth of amazing architecture across the world, Lucy unfortunately falls short of breathtaking.

Metropolis, Illinois

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Metropolis is home to the largest Superman statue and the Super Museum. But that’s about it. Aside from that, it’s a small town like any other. Even for diehard Superman fans, this is one quick trip that might be better spent visiting Comic-Con or one of the more exciting museums in the world.

Foamhenge, Virginia

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Another offering if you don’t like cars is Foamhenge, which is another take on the iconic structure. Again, it depends on how much you really want to see many varieties of this particular piece of English history. But foam is always going to fall flat – so to speak – compared to the original stone.