After 50, These 18 Relationship Rules Just Don’t Matter Anymore

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By Jonathan Trent

The idea of love is always changing, morphing to fit different ideals as you age. However, once you hit 50, you realize that most old-school rules aren’t necessary, just like these 18 relationship rules that just don’t matter once you hit 50.

Waiting For The Other Person to Make a Move

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Once you reach a certain age, waiting for the other person to make the first move seems pointless as your tolerance for rejection becomes higher. You realize that there is actually very little to lose if the other person rejects your advance. Instead, you take it on the chin and move on.

Opposites Attract

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The idea that a relationship will only work if two people have a specific number of differences doesn’t make sense once you hit 50. ‘Opposites attract’ just doesn’t really make work for us; if anything, the similarities you share become more important, helping the two of you bond.

Not Dating Friends

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The idea that you shouldn’t date a friend because of the risk of losing the friendship has been proven to be a myth. The Guardian claims that two-thirds of romantic relationships start off as friendships, which totally negates the idea of the ‘friend zone.’

The Male Has to be the Breadwinner

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Thankfully, the outdated rule of the male needing to be the breadwinner in a relationship no longer applies to any couple, no matter their age. It’s particularly invalid once you hit 50, though, as it is regarded as immature and egotistical if it is being pushed by the male of the relationship.

Arguments Mean a Relationship Is Toxic

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Those with relationship experience will know that arguments don’t define the partnership as a whole. They are simply a sign that both people still have strong feelings. This depends on the frequency of the arguments and what is said during them, but generally, an occasional argument is healthy.

Relationships Must Lead to Marriage

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The older you get, especially if you have experienced a divorce, the more you realize that marriage doesn’t hold as high a value as society makes it out to be. Yes, it can be a wonderful thing, but ultimately, it’s the companionship and feelings you have for one another that keep relationships alive.

The Man Should Pay at Restaurants

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The old-fashioned idea that chivalry will be dead if a man splits the bill or lets his female date pay means nothing when you turn 50. Unfortunately, the idea is still firm in peoples’ minds, with CNBC estimating that 63% of men believe they should be paying on the first date!

Playing Hard to Get

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Playing hard to get is often discarded in mature relationships. If there is a genuine connection between the two people in the relationship, it should be embraced and enjoyed, not held back for the sake of it. 50 is far too old to be dealing with such childish antics!

You Should Have the Same Interests

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While opposites don’t necessarily attract, having different interests from your partner can be very beneficial. It can introduce you to new things that you perhaps wouldn’t have discovered otherwise, and there’s something wonderful about seeing your partner get excited about something that you don’t fully understand.

Love at First Sight 

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Sorry to break it to you, but there’s no evidence that love at first sight has anything to do with the strength of a relationship or whether it’s even a real phenomenon! If it was real, how would people over 50 possibly form new relationships?! We’ve seen so many people!


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When you reach 50, you understand your own needs much better, reducing the necessity to over compromise to satisfy your other half. A mature couple will realize that both persons’ needs have to be met for a relationship to stay healthy, and in fact, there is no need for major compromise.

Grand Gestures Mean You Care

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As you age and enter a deeper relationship, you realize that being with the person you love is the most important thing. While grand gestures can be great, they don’t mean that the person cares about their partner more than someone who buys their partner a bouquet of flowers once a week. 

Love is More Fun When You’re Young

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While young love may be thrilling, you can still feel the same levels of excitement when falling in love at a later stage in life. In fact, the Washington Post claims that the brain region linked with love is just as active after 50 as in your 20s, so don’t quit now!

Don’t Meet Them Online

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You never truly know where or when your next love is going to pop up; it could be in the most random of situations, or it could be on an online dating site. The important thing is not to rule out any possibility, especially not dating sites, as they host so many options!

You Have to Look Perfect Together

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People once claimed couples had to look perfect together, but in reality, the world is full of mismatched couples who are madly in love. The idea that the man has to be taller than the woman or that both people have to be in similar shape is farcical and shallow to a 50-year-old!

You Should be Fully Invested

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While you’ll likely find someone a bit quicker if you give your whole life to the dating game, it’s perfectly normal to dip in and out. You’ve already waited 50 years, so what’s the point in rushing around now? Just start by looking for some casual dates, and the rest will come naturally. 

Full Confidence is Required

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Many people consider confidence an attractive trait, but it’s okay if you are a little apprehensive about returning to the dating scene. You shouldn’t let these feelings stop you from trying, as according to NPR, fear is all part of the process. One day, you’ll look back on this moment and laugh!

It Needs to Happen Soon

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Last but not least, there’s a common myth that once you hit 50, you should really get moving on finding a romantic partner. The truth is, if you rush into something and it goes wrong, you could end up in a much worse position than you were before. So, take your time and enjoy the dating process.