20 Outdated Home Design Trends You Should Avoid

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By Jonathan Trent

Interior design is a personal preference, yet there are often popular design trends you see in most homes. Over time, these trends quickly become boring or even hideous. Here are 20 of the most outdated home design trends that you should most definitely avoid.

All-White Kitchens

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Once upon a time, all-white kitchens looked clean and bright. Nowadays, white kitchen cabinets and white walls are far too bland. Bold and bright kitchens are becoming more favorable to add a touch of color as opposed to cold grey or white.

Open-Plan Living

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Open-plan has been the “dominant architectural trend in new residential construction for decades”, according to The Spruce. Yet more people are beginning to realize the benefit of separate rooms and doors. Especially with more time spent at home these days with the rise of remote working, open-plan can limit much-needed privacy.

Animal Prints

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It used to be that a leopard-print rug or a cowhide chair looked stylish in the home, especially for more farmhouse design preferences. Nowadays, animal prints look a little out of place and far too 70s for a lot of homes. Instead, other patterns are becoming popular.

Fast Furniture

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CNN explains that fast furniture is just as problematic for the planet as fast fashion. Many people buy fast furniture as a short-term solution with the intention of replacing it eventually. Yet, with more people turning to sustainability, the trend of fast furniture is on the decrease and longer-lasting items are on the rise.

Mass-Produced Home Items

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Thanks to mass production, many homes are likely to have very similar – or even identical – furniture or furnishings. These days, mass-produced items are out, and more quirky vintage finds are in. With more people turning to sustainable home design, cold and repetitive mass-produced items would be best avoided.

Platform Beds

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Platform beds became increasingly popular due to their minimalistic design and easy shape. Yet many are now turning to more substantial sleeping solutions, with bolder designs on material and headboards. The Sleep Foundation explains that platform beds can often be on the pricier side, too, meaning you could save money on alternative options.

Boho Style

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Many people picked up a ball of yarn as a hobby in recent years, which means the boho style quickly rose to the top. Walls filled with macramé hangings, plants and homemade plant hangers often made rooms look cozy and earthy. Now, Boho style seems a little bit too eclectic.

Tuscan Kitchens

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House Digest defines the Tuscan kitchen trend as “moody beige walls everywhere, orange-stained oak cabinets and travertine floors”. It seemed that everyone wanted their kitchen to look like an Italian villa. This trend has become replaced with a preference for lighter, cleaner-looking kitchens with any bold color that isn’t orange.

Sliding Barn Doors

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There was a time when the cozy cottage vibe was at its peak, which included wooden furniture and sliding barn doors. It seems like these barn doors are now fading in popularity, as more people are opting for either glass for brighter spaces. Or, alternative sliding door designs that aren’t too overly rustic.


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Pastels were all over older homes, such as pastel pink or green in the bathroom. Nowadays, if there’s any color to be had, it’s a preference for bold and bright. There seems to be a growing trend for either clean white spaces or brightest bold – with no room for subtle pastel in between.

Tile Countertops

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Tile countertops also used to be a fashionable kitchen trend. You could depend on countertops coming in square tile design. Yet, in recent years, many people are turning to simplistic countertops for easy cleaning. Marble or stone in one piece, rather than individual tiles, is the go-to.

Word Ornaments

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We know that “Live, Laugh, Love” has to be the most popular word art around, yet you can still find variations of “Family” or “Home” plaques dotted about. Once, these were extremely popular, but nowadays, they’re becoming far too cheesy (and even often used as prime meme fuel!).


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Futons in the living room, or even the bedroom, always seemed like a logical choice. They meant a spare bed for guests and a comfortable place to sit. Nowadays, there’s more focus on investing in a more substantial couch or loveseat rather than a couch that doubles as something else.

Nautical Theme

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The nautical theme used to be the go-to for beachside homes, or those homes that simply lusted after a more sandy location. Anchors as well as navy blue and white color schemes were the norm. And while they used to look inspiring, they’ve now drifted into tacky territory.

Edison Bulbs

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When bare-bulb lamps first came out, it was a game-changer for both homes and coffee shops. You could pair bare bulbs with ropes or copper pipes to achieve the perfect industrial décor. Yet the novelty of this particular design soon wore off when its popularity meant most people were tired of seeing it.

Mason Jars

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Just like what the bare lightbulb was to the industrial look, the empty mason jar was to the farmhouse aesthetic. Whether it was a vase, a water glass or a kitchen storage container, the mason jar was trending. Yet most people have become a little tired of that design now.

Ferns in Every Room

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As far as houseplants go, ferns are an excellent choice for easy upkeep – yet when ferns were trending, they were seen in almost every room of the house. The design of a fern leaf easily became a design trend in itself, but now it would seem that the love for ferns is dying down.

Pine Furniture

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Particularly in the 80s and 90s, pine furniture was everywhere. It was every bookcase, sideboard and table in the home. While solid wooden furniture is preferable to flat-pack, more people are opting for second-hand, unique designs these days in a variety of materials.

Vertical Blinds

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There’s no doubt blinds remain a stylish design option, but you’ll want to opt for horizontal slats. Vertical blinds used to be everywhere, and the cloth variety is more reminiscent of a boring office workspace rather than cozy home décor.

Fake Ornaments

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Whether it’s fake fruit, fake plants or fake silk flowers, many homes used to be filled with plastic items as an easy alternative to the real deal. While this does save money on replacements while adding a touch of color, most would agree that homes look far more appealing when they’re filled with fresh flowers.