19 Personality Traits That Make You An Easy Person to Love

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By Jonathan Trent

Have you ever wondered why people naturally gravitate toward you? Maybe you’re looking to pick up a few lessons on what you can do to be more likeable. Either way, these are the 19 personality traits that make a person very easy to love!

Empathy and Understanding

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If you have a natural ability to listen to other people and really care about what they’re telling you, people will easily appreciate your empathy. Those who are more willing to validate other people’s feelings will be more liked as someone with an open heart.

Kindness and Compassion

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Compassion takes empathy one step further; you show kindness and understanding for what other people are going through without dismissing it. Most people want a friend or a partner who is filled with compassion—for them and for others. It’s a wonderful strength to have.

Positivity and Optimism

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If you’re optimistic, the chances are others will love your enthusiasm and know they can depend on you to perk them up. The Washington Post explains that optimism is more likely in older people, as they’ve seen the world and have become more competent at handling it. However, optimism is free at any age!

A Great Sense of Humor

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One of the best examples of having a great sense of humor is being able to laugh at yourself; people will always enjoy being around someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously! Funny people also find it natural to diffuse tension with humor, a highly desirable trait to have around..


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Those who are always willing to offer support during difficult times, even with strangers, are very likeable people. This supportive nature shows that you care about other people’s feelings and success, so you become a reliable source of encouragement. What’s more, everyone wants to be supported in a relationship, making supportive people natural lovers.

Loyalty and Integrity

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Always remaining loyal in your relationships is an easy way to become a solid and dependable person. Loyalty is extremely important in any relationship, as it shows you have integrity and that people can trust you. It’s very easy to love a loyal person if they’ve always stood by your side.

Honesty and Transparency

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Always striving to be honest and authentic in your interactions will help people develop better friendships with you and build trust. However, be careful: Psychology Today points out that being brutally honest can be hurtful, so you must read the room and understand the ‘time and place’ for honesty.


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Generosity is far more than giving money or gifts: it’s about generosity of spirit and sharing your time with others. If you show a generous nature, people feel valued. Freely giving your time and resources without expecting anything in return shows others that you care about them.


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Respect is one of the most important things you can offer another person, and if you always treat others with dignity, you’ll be easier to get along with. Being polite to others and valuing other people’s time are surefire ways to show that you’re a respectful person.

Emotional Intelligence

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Someone with high emotional intelligence will likely be more compassionate with other people’s feelings, making them a good person to rely on for talking through issues. Not only that, but high emotional intelligence also often results in being able to handle emotions in a healthy way, which does wonders for relationships. 


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Impatient people can be difficult to get along with, leaving you on edge due to their low tolerance. That’s why a patient person is an easy person to love. You know they can remain calm and composed, so you can depend on them to help with difficult situations or with long-term plans.


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Independence is a very attractive trait because it shows confidence, while also telling others to take more responsibility, which is inspiring. According to Shina Ratna Yunita via LinkedIn, an independent woman, in particular, is “not afraid to be alone” and is “not reliant on the presence of others”. That’s a seriously admirable trait. 


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People who are confident without arrogance are some of the best people to be around. Their confidence shows that they believe in their own strengths and will bring that self-assuredness to any situation. They also inspire everyone around them by instilling them with confidence, making for a very magnetic personality.

A Good Communicator

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People love to be around someone who can express their thoughts clearly without misunderstanding. If you can communicate confidently, more people will be inclined to want to listen to what you have to say. It also makes it likely you’re a person who can help talk through problems.

Flexibility and Adaptability

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Flexible people are easier to love because you know they’ll be open to new experiences and new perspectives. Adaptable people are also great to have around because they fit into any kind of schedule. If you demonstrate both, it’s no wonder why people love you so much! 


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Authentic people are the easiest to love because you know what to expect from them. They are unapologetically their best selves, and they have confidence in everything they do, making them more likely to build genuine connections and uphold respectful values.


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Being able to forgive is a strength that, sadly, few people have. Mayo Clinic explains that “forgiveness might even lead to feelings of understanding, empathy, and compassion for the one who hurt you”, showing that a person who can forgive is also likely a very caring person you’ll want around.


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Grateful people will often show care and appreciation for the world around them – including the people in it, spreading love everywhere they go. That’s a trait that anyone can easily love, helping to create an abundance of wholesome and loving experiences in a relationship.


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Finally, selflessness is, unsurprisingly, one of the best traits you can have if you want to make meaningful connections. Selfless people make kind and loving friends or partners because they’re always willing to put other people’s needs first. It also means you can depend on them never to let you down for any selfish reason.