17 Retro Habits That Are Making a Comeback

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By Darryl Henderson

It’s indisputable that technology dominates our lives these days, and sadly, this makes it easy to forget the things that we used to love. Thankfully, some of these are returning, so to reminisce and inspire, let’s look back at 17 retro habits that are making a comeback!

Vinyl Records and Turntables

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Remember when vinyl records were the only way to listen to your favorite artist? In case you’ve been living under a rock, the retro sound is making a comeback today, with a surge in sales of records and old-school turntables. Artists are even releasing special vinyl editions of their new albums to appeal to collectors!

Handwritten Letters and Cards

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In the past, there was nothing better than receiving a handwritten letter or card, but it’s a sad fact that the digital age has eradicated these personalized messages. Thankfully, there has recently been an increase in appreciation for them due to their nostalgic and sentimental value; we truly hope they make a full comeback!

Upcycling and Thrift Shopping

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According to The Guardian, public concern about environmental issues has reached a record high recently, so hopefully, you’ve already heard about upcycling! This rising trend is kicking fast fashion and single-use products out of fashion, replacing them with the return of thrift shopping and homemade products. We’re super thankful for that!

Home Baking and Cooking from Scratch

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With a stronger focus on healthier eating among Gen Z, people are finally starting to cook from scratch again. Recently, baking bread, cakes, and pastries at home has become more popular, which is much appreciated considering how society was starting to become dependent on junk food!

Gardening and Urban Farming

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These days, people are starting to grow their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs again to promote sustainable living. A range of urban gardening projects are emerging in even the busiest of cities, with green spaces, community gardens, and a focus on farm-to-table food helping people reduce their carbon footprint.

Film Photography and Polaroids

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You might be surprised to learn that the revival of Polaroid cameras and instantly printed photography reflects a renewed interest in traditional film cameras! Today’s kids are starting to appreciate their unique aesthetic, and film development and darkroom services are making a significant comeback. Boomers are baffled!

Board Games and Puzzles

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Recently, there has been a rise in the popularity of board games and puzzles as a form of social entertainment and family bonding, partially fuelled by pandemic lockdowns. Best of all, Forbes reminds us that puzzles greatly increase cognitive skills such as visual-spatial working memory, so there’s no excuse not to get involved.

Analog Watches and Timepieces

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There has been a surge in the popularity of analog watches over the last decade, with a shift from digital to traditional watches due to their favored craftsmanship and longevity. There are many collector’s markets available for sourcing vintage timepieces these days, but frustratingly, they’re only becoming more expensive.

Home Libraries and Physical Books

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Despite the availability of the internet and Kindle devices, many people still prefer to read physical books. Home libraries are making a comeback, serving as personalized spaces for relaxation and reflection, and many people are discovering physical books as a highly appreciated reprise from screen time. It’s great to see!

Retro Video Games and Consoles

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With the collectors’ market for vintage games and hardware growing bigger than ever, the nostalgic interest in classic video games and retro consoles is continuing to grow. Companies are even starting to re-release old games on modern platforms, something that they likely never anticipated in the ‘90s!

Sewing and Knitting

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As the BBC remembers, sewing and knitting date back to Egyptian times, and they’ve never really died out over the last few decades. To our relief, there has been a renewed interest in sewing and knitting custom clothes and accessories recently, leading to the revival of home-based textile crafts. 

Bartering and Skill Swaps

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Bartering systems and community skill-sharing practices are making a huge comeback–we can’t believe it! With online platforms and local networks for trading goods and services appearing online, it’s clear that there has been a significant shift towards more community-oriented and resource-efficient practices.

Traditional Crafts and Artisanal Goods

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The increasing demand for handcrafted and artisanal products, previously mentioned on this list,  has caused a significant resurgence in local artisans and small businesses selling unique, high-quality goods. Craft fairs and markets are becoming treasured social events once again, and online platforms such as Etsy are thriving!

Letterpress and Custom Stationery

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Lately, there has been a notable revival of letterpress printing as people are starting to appreciate its unique, tactile quality once again. Custom stationery is especially popular for events like weddings and corporate branding, leading to more small print shops becoming available. We love to see it!

Retro Barber Shops 

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Believe it or not, old-school barber shops that provide traditional grooming experiences are becoming popular again. The youth of today are finally starting to appreciate the quality and enjoyment of classic grooming techniques and products, not to mention the social and community aspects of retro barber shops. 

Collecting Antiques and Vintage Items

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According to The Independent, many families have discovered a hidden windfall of vintage items in their attics that collectors are looking to get their hands on! This has sparked a revitalized trend in vintage furniture, jewelry, and memorabilia, leading to a significant rise in antique markets, auctions, and online selling platforms. No complaints here!

Vinyl Art and Custom Designs

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Finishing where we started, vinyl records are not only making a comeback because of the music; their custom cover art designs are collectibles once again, too! Artists are now creating unique artworks on old records and selling them, and there are many workshops and DIY events focused on the art. It’s a really welcome comeback in our eyes!

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