17 Phrases Socially Intelligent People Use All the Time

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By Jonathan Trent

Socially intelligent people can navigate social situations effectively without difficulty, partially because they use certain phrases that help them get out of tricky situations and conversations. To illustrate, here are 19 phrases socially intelligent people use on a regular basis!

I’m Sorry, I Didn’t Mean That

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Socially intelligent individuals have the ability to recognize when they are in the wrong and will, therefore, always make a clear plan to correct their mistakes. Rather than shifting the blame to someone else, they will take accountability, apologizing and explaining that they didn’t mean to upset anyone.

Thank You for Understanding

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Being appreciative comes naturally to socially intelligent people; they will happily acknowledge who is listening, thanking them for trying to understand them. This leads the way to forging better bonds with others, and it’s all thanks to mutual respect and kindness.

How Can I Help?

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Socially intelligent people will never hoard their resources or refuse to help someone; they’re far more likely to ask, “How can I help?”. In fact, Forbes notes that socially intelligent leaders possess a form of intuition that shows them what people need and how they want to get it. It’s a skill that few of us have!

That’s a Great Point

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Validating other people’s points is incredibly important for socially intelligent people. By doing so, they show their appreciation while opening new doors for collaborative relationships by creating a positive and inclusive environment that makes everyone feel comfortable. Instead of shutting others down, they will instead express interest in what they have to say.

I Appreciate Your Perspective

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Socially aware people always try to express respect for other people’s perspectives. They realize that other people have interesting perspectives and will do everything they can to make them open up. This involves maintaining a high level of respect in any interaction and a wide-open mind.

Can You Tell Me More About That?

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According to Psychology Today, highly socially and intelligent people can carry on conversations with a wide variety of people; they’ll easily keep discussions flowing with phrases such as “Can you tell me more about that?” They’ll never intentionally interrupt others, preferring to ask other people questions and engage with them.

Let’s Find a Solution Together

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Collaboration is extremely important to socially intelligent individuals who don’t like to dominate conversations or situations. They respect the input of others and will always suggest finding a mutual solution when encountering a problem, never attempting to solve everything themselves unless needed. Now that is true intelligence that we could all!

I Understand How You Feel

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Empathy is not just preached by socially intelligent people; it’s also practiced by them. They will express empathy and compassion for others whenever possible, expressing when they understand how someone feels. This creates a safe space for the people around them, who will naturally start to trust that they will be supportive.

Please Correct Me if I’m Wrong

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Those who are socially intelligent tend to be open-minded and never get offended when someone else offers constructive criticism, so they’re happy to ask for corrections in case they’re wrong. They will welcome this feedback with open arms, showing a genuine interest in developing their skills by taking on board the words of others.

I Value Your Input

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In all of their interactions, socially intelligent individuals will extend the olive branch to other people, making sure they know that their input is valued. This approachable nature means that other people feel comfortable participating and offering their insights on something, making for wonderfully productive collaborations.

Let’s Agree to Disagree

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When disagreements arise, those who are socially intelligent will not be disrespectful and instead will acknowledge that differing opinions exist. CNBC points out that they will also have clarity on their values and a sense of purpose, which allows them to be more decisive, agreeing to disagree if the dispute is heading nowhere.

What Do You Think About This?

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Asking questions is common for socially intelligent people who respect the insights and perspectives of others. They will attempt to engage other people by posing direct questions such as “What do you think about this?”, building the confidence of others and hearing out second opinions on things they are unsure about.

Your Feedback is Important to Me

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Feedback is extremely important for socially intelligent individuals as it encourages others to contribute their thoughts. As they are continuously dedicated to improving themselves, they realize that receiving feedback is instrumental for their overall growth, spurring them to achieve bigger and better things.

I’m Here for You

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Telling someone, “I’m here for you,” is common in the phrasebook of a social intellectual. They actively support others and reassure them throughout their struggles, rather than gossiping or being critical about the difficulties they experience. They’ll always offer their genuine support, helping with whatever they can.

I Never Thought of It That Way

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As Business Insider reveals, intelligence depends on being able to change one’s behaviors to cope more effectively with one’s environment. As such, socially intelligent people aren’t afraid to explain, “I never thought of it that way,” unlike most of us! 

Let’s Take a Break and Revisit This

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Productivity is understood by socially intelligent people not as burnout and overworking but as having meaningful conversations that solve issues. This is why they recognize the need to take a break and revisit a conversation, especially when difficult topics come up that need to be thought about at length.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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Finally, you’ll often hear a socially intelligent person asking, “What are your thoughts?” They’ll never refuse to let other people speak or voice their thoughts; in fact, they willingly invite participation and dialogue from others as they believe that teamwork is the best way to overcome problems that are difficult to solve alone. It’s rather respectable!

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