17 Items That Are Always Cheaper at Costco

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By Darryl Henderson

It’s easy to see why Costco has been rated one of the US’ favorite supermarket chains. People will always gravitate toward purchasing large quantities of a product for a low price. If you’re not yet doing this, here are 17 items that will always be cheaper at Costco!

Olive Oil

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The price of olive oil, standard, and extra-virgin, has been skyrocketing over recent months, with The Independent citing supply and demand issues caused by a low yield as the cause. However, Costco has maintained the price of their olive oil at $0.10 cheaper per ounce than the supermarket rate, so that’s something to remember!

Rotisserie Chicken

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If you’re trying to feed a family on the cheap, Costco’s rotisserie chicken is a cost-effective way to do so. For $4.99, you’ll get the entire chicken, cooked and seasoned, compared to the $12-15 you would expect to pay in a standard supermarket. It’s super convenient and so tasty.


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The cost of cereal is rising every couple of months due to global supply issues, making it far more economical to buy yours from Costco. You can buy two large boxes of cereal for under $10, whereas the same amount could cost you over $15 at a regular grocery store!


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Costco doesn’t just drive the prices down on food products; it also helps you save a chunk of money on household items, such as towels. Their so-called ‘luxury range’ towels retail at around $10-12 cheaper than Amazon’s equivalent and around $15 cheaper than supermarket home sections!


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Costco stocks many big-name products, including Nutella. Their 1kg jar is sold for half the price seen on Amazon, becoming cheaper per ounce the more you buy. NPR reports that Nutella’s manufacturer, Ferrero, uses around a quarter of the world’s hazelnuts, so it’s no surprise Costco can negotiate such great prices!

Maldon Sea Salt

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Costco isn’t afraid of stocking truly world-class products, such as buckets of sea salt made in the picturesque town of Maldon, England. A 20-ounce bucket from Costco costs just $6.99, a similar price to what you’d have to pay for a 10-ounce box in the supermarket!

Boxed Mac & Cheese

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If you’re in the mood for a crime against food, you might want to head down to Costco rather than your local supermarket. The retailer stocks boxes of mac and cheese for around $0.25 less than the standard supermarket rate, which will quickly add up if you buy in bulk.

Instant Ramen

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Costco does not just heavily discount boxed mac and cheese; instant ramen also sells for around half the price of Walmart’s offerings! This pricing system has turned Costco into a Mecca for students, provided they can pay the membership fee.


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Buy your batteries from Costco, and you’ll likely never run out. The retailer sells a 48-pack of Kirkland batteries for an unbelievable $16, a steal when you compare the prices of other battery brands. A similar quantity of Duracell batteries would easily set you back $40, if not more. 

Reading Glasses

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According to the Vision Council, over 85% of American adults wear non-prescription glasses, so there is a strong demand for Costco’s glasses offerings. They currently sell two pairs of non-prescription reading glasses for under $30… can you imagine how much you’d pay at an eye specialist!?

Allergy Tablets

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You didn’t choose to develop allergies, so it’s only fair that you have cheap access to allergy tablets. That’s exactly what Costco offers, selling packs for around a quarter of the price found on Amazon while, unsurprisingly, also selling them in huge quantities, so you shouldn’t run out any time soon.

Coffee Pods

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While they may not be adored or even recognized by a lot of coffee lovers and experts, Costco’s Kirkland-brand coffee pods are considerably cheaper than the ones found at the grocery store. If you love a morning coffee but aren’t blessed with a ton of spare cash, they are worth a punt.

Golf Balls

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Being able to buy a jar of Nutella and a set of golf balls from the same store really highlights how much of a fever dream visiting Costco is! Costco golf balls are excellent quality and retail for half of the price of most sports stores, so why waste your money elsewhere?

Toilet Paper

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If you’re usually apprehensive about buying cheaper toilet paper, you don’t have to worry about the quality of Costco’s Kirkland offering. It may severely undercut the prices of the big brands, but it’s not scratchy, thin, or uncomfortable to use.


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Honey is another product that comes out at least $5 cheaper when bought from Costco than if you were to buy a similar quantity from competitors such as Walmart. It comes in huge quantities as well, which will make you grateful that it doesn’t have an expiration date.


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Global events have spiked gasoline price hikes, and people are now shopping around for cheap fuel. Look no further than Costco, whose oil is often the cheapest in the country. Reader’s Digest suggests the retailer can afford to keep its prices low because of its membership scheme, which acts as a tax, so use it!


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Finally, buying boxes of tissues in bulk from Costco can save you extraordinary amounts of money, especially during allergy season! A 12-pack of Kirkland tissues is sold for just $20, so you’ll save yourself a further $20 over Walmart’s $40 options! If you’re not doing this already, change that ASAP!

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